Terms and Conditions


Content must be provided by the client, preferably in electronic formats. If large amounts are provided by non-electronic means, additional typing fee can be assessed to the final invoice.


In the absence of content creation services, client is responsible for providing website content. Client is responsible for proofing content and content accuracy. Client accepts responsibility for all website content. Failure to provide content can hold up the projected completion schedule. Gate One Web Design is not liable for any issues, legal or otherwise, that customer might encounter due to their website content.


You, the client, will be the owner of this website and its contents. If, for any reason, the business relationship between you and Gate One Web Design is no longer beneficial, all user names and passwords will be provided for you. Your website will continue to be live as long as you pay for your hosting and domain name renewal fees.


We accept checks, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.


Work on website can be interrupted due to overdue payment. Account that are 60 days past due accounts will be turned over for collection and will pay any resulting court fees.


Gate One Web bills on the first of each month for maintenance done the month before for accounts in good standing.

No maintenance will be performed on websites with past due balances. Collection procedures will be taken on accounts 60 days past due.