Who Is Gate One Web?

Over 25 years of marketing and web design experience combined.

Do we have experience?

Gate One Web brings over 16 years of experience in website design to every project. Gate One Web was started in 2002.

The owner of Gate One Web, Robin Roberts, has been worked in marketing and graphic design for 25 years.

How do we feel about our work?

To build a website for a company, you first have to understand what they do. You have to absorb their passion for their services and products. So, needless to say, we learn all kinds of things about all kinds of things. And we meet some wonderful people along the way.

What kind of websites do we design?

In most cases, we can design whatever you need. The Free Consultation will help us evaluate your needs and our skills and expertise to produce the results you are looking for. If, for any reason, we feel we are not a good fit for your project, we will say so. And it will cost you nothing.

What do Gate One customer's say?

Of course, we are going to sing our praises. But our customer's comments will help your most. We've provided reviews that cover specific things mentioned by customers in a effort to address concerns you might have about dealing with a new web design company.

Have we had less than happy customers through the years? Not many we hope. But, of course, that happens. However,it is always our aim to understand and meet our customer's goals for their website if possible.

Please check out the comments below or our Customer Reviews page.

For more information about Gate One and their approach to website design you might enjoy these FAQ Panels:

Questions About Gate One

The Questions We Wish People Were Asking

The Questions We Wish People Were Asking...

before they hired a web design company

Does Everyone Need A Website?

The answer is almost yes. I say it that way because every absolute has its exceptions. But the internet has replaced the phone book. So, you need some sort of web presence so people can find you.

Also, many people like to research a service or product before they make "first contact" with the business. So yes, in some form a fashion, you need a website that tells your story.

How Do I Find A Good Web Design Company?

Look for someone who can explain things in English
We feel your pain. It is difficult to hire a company when the very language they use to descibe what they do sounds like Greek. And in some ways, it is a foreign language. But that doesn't matter. A good web designer should be able to explain what you need to know. Your web designer becomes a partner in your marketing strategies. They need to be a good communicator that can help you understand the key issues of website ownership that will affect your business.

Look for a professional attitude
Website management requires good communication and a respectful, professional relationship between the design company and the business owner. When checking out a design company, take note if they do not answer emails, return phone calls, or show up for appointments. This probably is a sign of things to come.

Ask for references
If they have been doing a decent job for their current customers, they have the references to prove it.

Remember...you get what you pay for
It seems everyone knows someone who has a nephew who lives in the basement that can write code. But there's more to creating a website than just writing code. A lot more. And, if website design isn't a person's day job, the chances of them disappearing (ie: not returning calls or answering emails) increases exponentially. This is what we hear often from new clients who are in search of a web design company after a project has been abandoned mid-stream by a "friend that built websites" .

If the project is important and a professional website is important, it will save you time, money, and frustration to get a professional from the beginning to do it. It's an important investment in the sucess of your company or organization.

Read the fine print
Find out what happens to your website if your decide to terminate your business relationship. Do you lose the site? Do you have to start over and pay for another website with another web design company? Or can you take it with you? What recourse to you have if they do not make content updates?

For more information read the question below entitled..."Should I go with a company that charges on-going monthly fees instead of upfront payment?"

Once a new website is live, will I be found in a search immediately?

The short answer is no. Not if you are working on your organic ranking only. Which means you are not going to use Pay Per Click to get an instant high ranking, but instead, will work on improving the sites ranking over time through various SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

This applies only if a site is completely new. It does not apply to a redesign of an existing website has an established organic ranking in the search engines - comes up on the first page in a search result for a specific search term. In the case of a exisiting site that is being redesigned, the ranking should not be disturbed if done correctly.

So, on a new website, it is good to have other marketing strategies in mind to promote your new website in the beginning.

Can I build my own website?

We think so. It depends on how computer savvy you are. The real question is "Do you want to?" How patient are you with computer-related work. And of course ... time. There are people who could do it but don't have the time.

There are plenty of DIY website options out there. We offer Gate One Basic, which gives you all the tools you need to build a professional website from the groud up including domain name registraton, hosting, and website builder software or Word Press templates.

That being said, take into consideration what's at stake with your website. If,for example, your new site will be an ecommerce venture that will be your main source of income, a DIY approach might not cover all the bases. However, we can help where you need help.

A free consultation that will lay out all of your options and have a real and honest conversation with you about the pros and cons will be a big help in making that decision.

What's best? On-going monthly fees for new website design verses upfront payment?

Here are some things to consider:

Many businesses purchase a website on the on-going, low monthly payment plan because there is no initial outlay of cash. However, in the long run, what you will pay for that website will be several times more than if you paid for the site upfront. It is similiar to leasing furniture or a car.

We have seen some real draw backs to this model when talking to potential customers in search of a new design company.

First, the company collecting the monthly fees are not as good at following up with needed content updates as they said they would be.

Second, if you no longer want to use them as your web design company, you lose the site. You cannot take it with you. There is no refund; you have to start over and pay for a new website again.

Third, as we said before, you will pay much more for the site in the long run than you would have had you paid up front. That being said, there are types of websites in which an ongoing monthly fee is necessary.

However, we understand that the initial investment can be difficult. If you are serious about your venture, however, it is one of the most important marketing investments you will make. So, if you choose to go with a company that requires an on-going monthly fee, read the "fine print". Be clear on what happens to your website if you terminate your relationship with the company. Also, have clear terms in place for what can be considered a breach of contract. For example, if they fail to perform site updates in a reasonable amount of time.

Once a new website is done, is a maintenance contract necessary?

It's been our experience that customers often come out ahead if they are charged on an as-needed basis for maintenance - only when actual work is done on their site. It seems that companies often believe they will do more updates than they actually do.

Monthly maintenance contracts only work to your benefit if you are sure you are going to have monthly maintenance.

If you want a maintenance contract, a good solution is for your web design company to work for three to four months on an as-needed basis. This will give them a realistic baseline for the amount of updates needed in a month's time. This helps insure that the monthly maintenance rate agreed on is fair to both you and the web design company.

Maintenance contracts are popular because there is a lot of profit in collecting money without doing any work. Bottom line, a maintenance contract only benefits the customer if there is a monthly need for a fairly consistent amount of maintenance. Otherwise, it will often be to your advantage to handle maintenance on an as-needed basis.